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Contact: Dan Sturdivant

email: dan.sturdivant at gmail

Telephone: 972 979-9723

Track Packages now offers a full-featured iPhone app that features Fedex, DHL, United Parcel Service, and USPS package tracking.  It is by far the most full-featured package tracking application available in the iTunes store.

Features include:

Package Tracking number barcode scanner.
For shipping or receiving packages with any major carrier, Track Packages offers the easiest tracking number entry method of any iPhone tracking application. Simply scan the barcode of the package using your iPhone camera to import directly into Track Packages. Fedex, DHL, USPS, and UPS barcodes are all supported, including overnight, 2 and 3-day, registered mail and delivery confirmation, as well as many others.

Status alerts.
Sends an alert to your iPhone when the Fedex tracked package has been delivered.

Clean, easy-to-get-started interface.
The Track Packages interface is clean and simple, and intuitive icons provide a quick visual status of packages being tracked. For each package, the carrier, tracking number, customized label, and delivery status is displayed.

Automatic Carrier detection.
Once a tracking number is entered, Track Packages auto detects the carrier (UPS, USPS, DHL, Fedex).

Customized Fedex Package Details.
Senders or receivers with a high volume of packages have the option of viewing more or less package detail, in order to see more packages on the status screen.

Call the carrier directly from the Track Packages application.
Sometimes packages get lost or stalled in the delivery process, and Track Packages provides a direct number to dial to the Fedex customer service line directly from an iPhone.

Create alias package names for Fedex tracking.  
No more trying to remember “which package is which;" simply add a custom name that will appear in your Fedex status package listing.

The iPhone app featuring Fedex tracking is available directly from the iTunes app store.

Visit this URL to download, or read more information.


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